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Welcome to The Agency of The PoshGirlsClub!! We specialize in helping you build your entire web presence! From brand building through page audits, Logos, Brand Boards & business concept development, Visual graphics for social media, web design - both custom & instant downloads through our Build A Brand's, social media management, and so much more! 

We are a full solution for all of your business building needs. Also, check out our new Creator's Studio, for the Creativepreneur. Get instant downloads for use right away on your social media and websites! If you'd like more customizeable options for any work we create, feel free to email: for help! 

Brand Building 

In this phase of your business, we focus in on your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) first. The identity is essentially the starting point for your brand that everything else will stem from. Then we connect the brand USP and goals, mission, core value, etc. to your visual brand identity. The graphics, the colors, the tangibles. We'll work together to create a unique brand identity for you that you and your audience will love. Start with a brand board, your logo, & review consultation. Choose your most relevant package and let's get started creating a niche, beautifully designed brand presence.You can submit a request for a custom quote below as well if none of the options suit your specific needs.

Your Brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room. 

Web Design

Our Web Design options are affordable and top quality

Monthly Maintenance Get Monthly Website Maintenance for your site.

Pre-Designed Templates

Choose a pre-themed design for quick, instant setup of your new website.

Custom Website

Choose the custom option for your website. We'll design headers & graphics & completely get your site up & running.

The Content Club

One of the most consistent struggles from the Entrepreneurs we meet daily is creating content consistently for their social media feeds. It's extremely time consuming - and if you haven't created an established brand yet with daily sales...then spending all that time finding or making content can be exhausting! 

The Agency Blogs/ Funnels

Sales Funnels.  

Two words that really freak out ecommerce businesses are sales funnel. You know your product. You know your market. But you don't know how to connect the two. Most newbies to business have never even heard the term. And many of those who have cringe at the phrase.

But as business owners, you need them just as much as you need the product. 

It's something that you must learn & conquer! How do you get the customer into that sales funnel? What's needed to convert the customer. And how do I convince them that they should be buying this product? In our private coaching sessions this is what we focus on the most. Creating a full product offer, so that the client can take that information and just replicate it over & over.

Content Audit/ Content Strategy

Content Is King. We know this. We reach over 1 million people across our Social Media platforms. That is through our branded content. We use Instagram & Pinterest to drive traffic to our brand. And the act of repining & reposting gets our brand new followers every single day.  

How is your content? Are you reaching your ideal customer? Are you consistently getting reposted, repinned, and reaching new audiences every single day? If not, it's time for an audit & a new game plan.

Look Books Make Great Digital Lead Magnets!

We LOVE look books for just about any product or service. But especially for our fashion brands! Use them as an exchange for emails to build your lists...Have them printed for stores or as promotional materials. Or even turn theminto interactive experiences for your we did with one of our favorite PoshGirlsClub brands @Etniciti 

Click here to see it!

Need Flat Lay Designs for your marketing? 

Choose from some of our unique designs to make your ads POP!

Pinterest Account Management

Elevate your brand with custom designed digital marketing flyers. Use them online or for printed campaigns to give out at events or in store. Choose from a single design option whenever you need. Or for brands that need more designs each month, check out our specially priced membership option.