WHEN: OCTOBER 4, 5, & 6th, 2019

To ensure that every participant gets ample time and attention over these days together, there are only 25 spaces available for this EXCLUSIVE event!

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Three Day Mastermind & Retreat


Open your creativity & mind to allow the flow of energy & inspiration to be alive inside of you and all around you each morning. Connect through the spirit, with yourself, & community through Journaling, Yoga & Meditation sessions daily.


Intensive, in-depth strategy sessions & mastermind trainings with content creation segments. Goal setting for 5 year Action Plan development & planning. Clearly outline your 5 year plan and actionable steps to move you through each layer of your outlined strategy.


Enjoy a beautiful Los Angeles lifestyle, as you live for 3 days with your Intimate group of Business Besties from across the world. We'll nestle in and learn in one location, avoiding the hustle & exhaustion that can come from moving locations & lugging belongings to and from. Live in one cozy, POSH home for intimate gatherings & socializing in between masterminds & evenings.


Why order in when there's a Private Chef on site? Enjoy five delicious, prepared to order meals for the duration of the retreat; for breakfast, lunch, & dinner from our Private Chef, fit for the queen that you are! We'll spend one night out on the town, for a fabulous dinner, LA style

Meditations, Yoga, Journaling

We're going to begin each day with the most amazing Meditations & yoga sessions, followed by journaling and Mastermind & Strategy sessions as our breakfast is prepared by our Private Chef.


Group Masterminds

Get ready for intensive, group masterminds! Some topics we'll cover are Money Mindset, The 5 PoshGirls Pillars Framework for building your business, and how to move successfully through each one. You'll get hands on mastermind sessions and ideas for your business, as we work together to brainstorm the Infinite Possibilities! Then, set Intentions collectively and individually through meditation and goal planning. All while lunch is prepared for you in the background, so you don't have to worry about hunger pains kicking in while your creative juices overflow!


Journals are provided to each attendee to begin collecting your ideas & strategize the direction to get there. And a few other little goodies, of course!

Content Sessions

We'll have a photographer on site Saturday afternoon to shoot content there at our home for you to use on your Social Media, as headshots, or use on your website, blogs, and marketing materials.

Action Plans

Spend time creating your individual action plans, with Tori on had to walk you through each step of your process and help you see the possibilities and direction for your ideas that you may be missing. Get 24 hour access daily for Q&A, and specific direction in-person, with a complete plan of action to leave with and start implementing immediately.


New ways of tapping into your limitless potential. Experience life in a way that you may have never been taught or considered was possible for you. Elevate your mind and position in life. See the possibilities for yourself, and how you can execute them to build the greatest life for yourself, and those you love...while impacting the world as only you can.

Experience the LA. Lifestyle, with a few additional surprises in store to help keep you creative, open, and inviting of the flow of energy we're welcoming in for the entire experience.

Awaken the limitless potential that's calling you to move beyond the boundaries you've always known...and into the world of possibilities you've always wanted.


BOOK NOW to claim your spot with a $200 non-refundable deposit. This will secure 1 of 25 spaces in the Mastermind Retreat for you.


Your next payment is due in 16 days. You can split this into 10 payments of $142, 6 payments of $229, Or 1 payment of $1300.


Meet in Los Angeles for the most EPIC and fulfilling Mastermind to grow your mindset, unleash your growth potential, and tap into energies that you didn't even realize were capable for YOU!

"This is your time. Like never before, opportunities present themselves and you are open and willing to accept the greatness that is within you, to move into your magnificent tomorrow. The future is now."

Tori Torres | CEO, ThePoshGirlsClub

See you in Los Angeles?