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Do you see people in your life struggling and you wish you had a way to help? Do you dream of reaching the highest potential in your life, and want to help people in your life do the same? Do you want access to powerful tools that will help you and others overcome pain, emotional obstacles, and playing small so you can be set free and propelled to new heights?


Ready to be a stand out, and sought after coach, teacher, public speaker, or personal development influencer? Want to create massive shifts in your clients in single sessions, with powerful tools that will completely uplevel your energy, knowledge and power

  • Do you often help those around you with creative solutions and advice?
  • Are you known for being very passionate about specific subjects & causes?
  • Do you have experience in a subject or area that you know you can be a thought leaer?
  • Do you love helping others transform into their best selves?
  • Do you want to invite freedom and creativity into your lifestyle?
  • Do you want to elevate your earnings to 6 figure potential? 

I want to help you achieve this, too!

Too often, people settle on the familiar & what's comfortable, and miss out on the incredible opportunities in front of them, by stepping out and challenging themselves to live a fuller, more rewarding life. It's easy to get stuck in what's known; income and surroundings, and the "comforts" of a perceived security. But what is secure about a life of mediocrity, where every single day looks like the one before?

You have been given your gifts for a reason...

What could be as rewarding as taking your gifts and experience and turning that into a profitable business? 

Creating The Career Of Your Dreams

Ready to Elevate your Influence, Coaching, or Thought Leadership?

Master Coach Training

Learn our strategy to structure your coaching business & reach your target client faster.

6 Figure Earnings Positioning 

Create systems to scale your brand & make 6 figures in your business consistently

PGC Coaching Partner

Become certified as a Master Coach & get the opportunity to join us as a PGC Coaching Partner 

Learn the Systems you will need for your Influence, Thought Leader, or Coaching Business!

Course will include...

  • Getting started, quick business plan 
  • What systems you need in your business to scale
  • 6 Figure strategies for list building
  • How to sell products while giving value
  • Facebook Ad Creation
  • Creating Dynamic Lead Pages & Offers
  • Creating Influence & Growing your audience
  • Social Media Strategies to grow your followers
  • Creating high converting sales funnels
  • How to structure Masterclasses & Trainings
  • How to sell your courses & ebooks
  • 6 Figure Prdoduct Launches
  • How to run free challenges that convert
  • Ebooks, PDF's & Video Trainings 
  • And so much more!

This is for you if...

  • You're a new Coach, Creative Entrepreneur, or Dreaming of becoming one
  • You're an Influencer or Thought Leader, or Hoping to be one
  • You're ready to unleash change in your Confidence, Mindset, and Role in the world!
  • You want to create an income doing what comes naturally to you
  • You want to create a Freedom based business making money from anywhere
  • You're ready to leave your positive impact on the world with your gifts & talents and experiences!

About Your Coach...

Armed with an International Business Honors Society Degree, and Certificate in Digital Marketing, Tori is a successful serial entrepreneur who thrives on helping other women learn to build strong companies. Tori has built two completely different businesses over the last decade, with both reaching 6 figures within the first year of startup. She's partnered with and designed for many the biggest Icons of this decade; Beyonce', Rihanna, The Diane von Furstenberg Fashion House, Taylor Swift, The Kardashians, & Paris Hilton to name a few. She's collaborated on projects with Bandai Corp. of America, Project Runway, VH1, BravoTV, The GRAMMY's, VH1, BET, & AMA's. As well as BravoTV & many of their Housewives. She's been featured as one of less than 17 companies included at Exclusive luxury events such as The GRAMMY's, BET Awards, VH1 & MTV Awards. Now Tori shares her knowledge & blueprints from over 17 years in business with the roadmap for you to get there. 

I want you to have exactly what you want in life.

I'm Tori, CEO of ThePoshGirlsClub, and I believe wholeheartedly that the things we are most passionate about are the things we should absolutely be doing in our lives.

You can be building your own business right now that lets you do exactly that. Help those around you with specific goals and strategies, tools & resources to live better, more fulfilling lives.

Use your expertise & experience to help others navigate into more productive, healthy, or business savvy existences. Get the exact tools & trainings to build your 6 figure coaching business & move into a life of wealth & abundance in your life, too.

You already have the passion. Now, you're ready to learn the skills. 

But this offer won't last for much longer...

When you sign up today, you get access to a private, exclusive Facebook group ONLY for the close, intimate group of others in this program. So learn, network, share success & struggles with your new Business Besties! I'll also be there to check in with you and answer questions you have along the way! 

When you signup now, you can gain access to bonus material. Get help setting up your brand with the 30 Days To Brand Like A Boss Challenge for FREE! 

You'll get 30 days of brand building prompts to start creating your platform across multiple social media channels. And get your business set up for all of the amazing content you'll be creating in the course.