Make Money While You Sleep. The 5 Day Challenge.

You've heard the phrase "Make Money While You Sleep"...

But it sounds more like a dream.

Well, it's not. Millions of people all over the world do this every day. They've mastered the strategy of setting up multiple income streams. In just about 6 months of trial & error, I figured out exactly how people did this...I made it my mission to understand exactly what it takes to have my bank account singing, daily. I'm going to show you what I did in just 5 days.

5 Day Dream Dollars Challenge

Here's some of what we'll cover. No wasted time, nothing held back.

Lead Generation

Selling can only happen when you're in front of the right audience. Target everyone, sell to no one.

Selling Emotion

Your customers don't buy products. They buy into you.

Daily Conversions

What you'll need to secure the sale every single day.

  • DAY ONE: Elements of a high-converting lead page.
  • DAY TWO: Securing the emotional commitment.
  • DAY THREE: Go from Likes to Leads.
  • DAY FOUR: How visuals connect to your written copy.
  • DAY FIVE: Making a sale every time. The 6 figure strategy.

Ready to create FREEDOM through automation?

Join Us for the 5 Day Challenge, full of daily, actionable steps to get you making money now, all day, & every day.

Serial, 7 Figure Entrepreneur

Tori Torres, CEO #ThePoshGirlsClub

 Armed with an International Business Honors Society Degree, and Certificate in Digital Marketing, Tori is a successful serial entrepreneur who thrives on helping other women learn to build strong companies. Tori has built two completely different businesses over the last decade, with both reaching 6 figures within the first year of startup. She's partnered with and designed for many the biggest Icons of this decade; Beyonce', Rihanna, The Diane von Furstenberg Fashion House, Taylor Swift, The Kardashians, & Paris Hilton to name a few. She's collaborated on projects with Bandai Corp. of America, with Project Runway, VH1, BravoTV, The GRAMMY's, VH1, BET, & AMA's. As well as BravoTV & many of their Housewives. She's been featured as one of less than 17 companies included at Exclusive luxury events such as The GRAMMY's, BET Awards, VH1 & MTV Awards. Now Tori shares her knowledge & blueprints from over a decade in business with the roadmap for you to get there. That's what goes down in our community! Here @ThePoshGirlsClub, we are redefining what we have been told we can do. Breaking barriers, building bad ass businesses, and doing it on our own terms.  

Here's the deal...

"This is the second company I've grown using the Instagram platform. My first business I built before Instagram. Once the platform was created, I used it to triple my monthly revenue. There is no platform like Instagram!  

I've collaborated with multi-million dollar brands, the biggest celebrity ICONS of this decade - Beyonce Knowles-Carter, Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Taylor Swift, Diane Von Furstenberg (Princess & MOGUL), The Kardashians, and also INCLUDING the youngest BILLIONAIRE ever, Kylie Jenner! I also hold an International Honor Society Business Degree & Certificate in Digital Marketing.  

But prior to that, I was just a regular girl & stay at home Mami to Cristian (and later, Carmelo, who you may know as " Mr. Man"). I had a vision and a long-time dream and decided to use Instagram to pursue it. I started my first company 7 months pregnant with Cris, without a single dollar. Legit, I sold my first product, before I ever had a product in hand. Never had a photo shoot, models, ads (until now bc scaling is LIFE!). I did everything the organic, grass roots as I call it, way. And it's the method I suggest over anything!  

It's fast, targeted, and it works every single time! More than anything, when you do the groundwork, you know your business & your perfect customer.  

For ThePoshGirlsClub, I built in a SINGLE YEAR with EPIC results! And if you've watched my lives, YouTube videos, or been to any of my know I am No Holds Barred when it comes to sharing strategies!  

Nothing annoys me more than watching masterclasses where people spend 30 minutes talking about themselves, 15 minutes of partial strategies, 5 minutes of cryptic Q&A, & 20 minutes on their pitch. That means, they give you the least amount of information possible.  

It drives me nuts. Seriously.  

I believe in QUALITY! Get the people in, teach them what they need on that subject. On to the next.  

I built this business in ONE YEAR. And with all that I have going on between baseball with the guys, The Magazine, The Agency, AND BLING...I want you to get it the first time so I can show you what's next! "