• You are getting frustrated from constantly promoting your services & still not making the sales you had hoped for?
  • You're posting daily with little to no interaction or sales
  • You are not seeing a return on your investment using Facebook ads or other sales and marketing strategies that just aren't working? 
  • You aren't truly utiizing all that IG has to offer because you don't know how to put it all together in way that works for you.
  • Maybe you're struggling to grow your email list or get real leads for your business? 
  • You don't just want to sell products/services. You want to be LEGENDARY! 


"Learn the EXACT STRATEGIES I used to grow my audience to over 400K followers, EARN over $347K in my first 10 months, $20k in 3 weeks, & $7k from one single GIVEAWAY!"

What our participants have said so far...

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Ditch the half-strategies & wasted time of people promising you just a portion of what you need to know! Half measures that are costing you time and tons of money!


  • DAY ONE: THE PERFECT PROFILE; Optimize your profile (image, bio) and use the right hashtags that will help you ATTRACT more followers that are your ideal clients  
  • DAY TWO: Intentional Imagery: How to choose the right imagery that catches the attention of your ideal client and makes them want to buy almost anything you sell  
  • DAY THREE: Slay the Sales Copy; How to get your offer in front of hundreds of your ideal clients without the tacky sales tactics.  

Hosted By...

 Tori Torres// Founder & CEO #POSHGIRLS